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GSB works with two preferred partners (Avalon Risk Management and Roanoke Trade Services) on its surety products offered to clients. These are two of the most reputable organizations in the market providing cargo insurance and Customs bonds.


Cargo Insurance


International cargo insurance is an essential aspect of a buyer or sellers supply chain. While physical loss, damage and theft are a few obvious perils, less obvious perils such as General Average pose a real financial risk. We offer a comprehensive and cost competitive open cargo policy tailored specifically to the exposure associated with international cargo transportation.


Options exist with respect to the scope of the insurance coverage available. Our staff is well versed with each option and will assist in determining what may be best for your shipping needs. And our service does not stop once the underwriting process is complete. We will manage all claims through our professional network, both locally and internationally, until final resolution and payment.


Surety Bonds


All importers must have a bond secured as condition of the privilege to import goods into the United States. GSB will help the importer understand how much bond coverage is needed and other risks to “bondability” based on their import activity. We can also provide bond products to other supply chain vendors in the market (i.e. carriers and warehouses) through our surety partnerships and are committed to doing so with competitive pricing.

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