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More than ever, the regulatory landscape is changing fast for importers. Staying on top if of it all is challenge for even the most well-intentioned. In a ‘post Mod-Act’ world, the importer has a tremendous amount of responsibility to ensure they remain in compliance. That’s where GSB comes in. Our team of licensed Customs Brokers along with engaged and well-trained support staff are working hard to stay on top of the news and keep our clients informed. We work with you well in advance of cargo arrival on U.S. shores on topics such as merchandise classification (HTS), valuation and ‘participating government agency’ regulatory concerns and documentation to ensure there are no surprises.


From ISF filing to entry filing - cargo release to coordination of final delivery - our import teams are poised to do it all. Should your Incoterm dictate, we can even arrange for your inbound international transport by any mode.


Talk to us about leveraging our proprietary software for a tailored product: purchase order management, cost analysis, landed cost, customized reporting, cargo tracking and EDI integration. A modern solution is available. Let us build one for you.



We assist our exporter clients in shipping cargo to virtually anywhere in the world. Core to this service is carrier selection, cargo booking, container loading, bill of lading generation, cargo delivery, international documentation, letter of credit compliance and filing electronic export information (EEI) with the U.S. government. Whether shipping full containers (FCL), less-than-container-load (LCL), air cargo, truck or rail our export team is proficient with all transport modes.


As an Ocean Transportation Intermediary (OTI) and with many decades of experience underpinning our success, we are poised to guide our clients through a volatile global shipping landscape. Assistance through assessing the freight market, carriers and services, rate negotiations, booking, documentation and delivery verification are inclusive aspects of our service. GSB is not an asset based carrier nor a non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC), which we believe to be an advantage as we may access the entire carrier community. However, through its membership in its global freight network (Global Logistics Associates) GSB does have access to the NVOCC arm of that organization (Globetrans International) and through it, the ability to facilitate ocean contracts.


In addition, GSB offers tailored solutions for exporters shipping by air or ground.




At the turn of the century, GSB recognized a need for a more formal arrangement in order to facilitate the ‘one-stop-shop’ or ‘door-to-door’ international service. Whether you’re an exporter shipping on a DDP basis or an importer buying on an EXW basis, GSB can arrange everything from the cargo pickup at origin to the final delivery at destination, including regulatory declarations and transport on both sides - or any segment in between as dictated by your shipping term.


GSB has achieved this through its membership in the Global Logistics Associates (GLA): a network comprised of independent companies around the world like GSB, and headquartered in the Netherlands, each member-firm undergoes a thorough vetting for reputation, quality of service and financial strength. As a port-exclusive network, it was selected by GSB for its relatively small size compared others that exist, so that we would not be an anonymous agent in a sea of too many. Instead, GSB meets its partners annually at a global conference where personal relationships and friendships are developed and nurtured. There is kinship within the group and a significant amount of personal accountability. GSB views its GLA partners as extensions of its own brand on which it can rely for its clients’ success.


GLA owns an NVOCC (Globetrans International) through which carrier contracts can be facilitated.



GSB provides tailored post entry audit solutions for your compliance team.  Capturing up to 100%  of your Customs entry summary data and filtering it through a "checklist" designed with you and your specific business needs.  Our platform is flexible, fast and provides comprehensive reporting.  


  • Flexible – We’ll work with you to create the audit checks you want and/or choose audit essentials that are already in our program.  Change it up when issues are brought to light or if you just want a closer look into a specific area of interest.

  • Fast – Entry data flows through our system before 10th day.  Discrepancies are caught, can be reviewed and corrected before duty is paid.  We’ve leveraged our proprietary technology to aide our specialists in performing compliance audits faster than previously possible.  We can get more work done in less time, saving you money.

  • Comprehensive reporting –  Document the success of your compliance efforts and your broker’s performance.  Customized reports allow you to see what’s important to you. Spend less time filtering and more time on your bigger picture.



Through its vast network of trucking partners built on decades of personal relationships and shared success, overland transportation can be arranged for the domestic leg of an international shipment or simply for the movement of product from point-to-point within United States, Canada or Mexico. We are proficient in coordination of FCL container pickup and delivery, LCL, FTL, LTL, over-dimensional cargo, transload, or rail service - whatever is needed to get your cargo to its overland destination.


Our staff is certified to handle the transportation of hazardous materials. We are current in the regulations and requirements of hazardous cargo transport and coordinate all documentation and shipping in compliance with local, state and federal regulations.



GSB staffs a team experienced in the vessel brokerage industry. We ensure current and communicable knowledge of the CBP regulations, requirements and procedures directly governing the activities of ships, tugs and barges in foreign trade. Whether dealing with crews, provisions, spares, etc. we facilitate their needs in compliance with federal, state and local regulation.


Expedited processing and delivery of international spares sent to these vessels by owners or agents is essential and a fundamental service we provide. Our service also includes returning spares no longer required by the vessels. In addition, we coordinate the timely pick up form the airport, delivery to the airport, transportation and hotel accommodations for joining and off-signing crew. With prompt quality service and documentation, we are able to avoid vessel movement delays and prevent regulatory violations.



GSB works with two preferred partners (Avalon Risk Management and Roanoke Trade Services) on its surety products offered to clients. These are two of the most reputable organizations in the market providing cargo insurance and Customs bonds.


Cargo Insurance


International cargo insurance is an essential aspect of a buyer or sellers supply chain. While physical loss, damage and theft are a few obvious perils, less obvious perils such as General Average pose a real financial risk. We offer a comprehensive and cost competitive open cargo policy tailored specifically to the exposure associated with international cargo transportation.


Options exist with respect to the scope of the insurance coverage available. Our staff is well versed with each option and will assist in determining what may be best for your shipping needs. And our service does not stop once the underwriting process is complete. We will manage all claims through our professional network, both locally and internationally, until final resolution and payment.


Surety Bonds


All importers must have a bond secured as condition of the privilege to import goods into the United States. GSB will help the importer understand how much bond coverage is needed and other risks to “bondability” based on their import activity. We can also provide bond products to other supply chain vendors in the market (i.e. carriers and warehouses) through our surety partnerships and are committed to doing so with competitive pricing.

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