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GSB provides tailored post entry audit solutions for your compliance team.  Capturing up to 100%  of your Customs entry summary data and filtering it through a "checklist" designed with you and your specific business needs.  Our platform is flexible, fast and provides comprehensive reporting.  


  • Flexible – We’ll work with you to create the audit checks you want and/or choose audit essentials that are already in our program.  Change it up when issues are brought to light or if you just want a closer look into a specific area of interest.

  • Fast – Entry data flows through our system before 10th day.  Discrepancies are caught, can be reviewed and corrected before duty is paid.  We’ve leveraged our proprietary technology to aide our specialists in performing compliance audits faster than previously possible.  We can get more work done in less time, saving you money.

  • Comprehensive reporting –  Document the success of your compliance efforts and your broker’s performance.  Customized reports allow you to see what’s important to you. Spend less time filtering and more time on your bigger picture.

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