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At the turn of the century, GSB recognized a need for a more formal arrangement in order to facilitate the ‘one-stop-shop’ or ‘door-to-door’ international service. Whether you’re an exporter shipping on a DDP basis or an importer buying on an EXW basis, GSB can arrange everything from the cargo pickup at origin to the final delivery at destination, including regulatory declarations and transport on both sides - or any segment in between as dictated by your shipping term.


GSB has achieved this through its membership in the Global Logistics Associates (GLA): a network comprised of independent companies around the world like GSB, and headquartered in the Netherlands, each member-firm undergoes a thorough vetting for reputation, quality of service and financial strength. As a port-exclusive network, it was selected by GSB for its relatively small size compared others that exist, so that we would not be an anonymous agent in a sea of too many. Instead, GSB meets its partners annually at a global conference where personal relationships and friendships are developed and nurtured. There is kinship within the group and a significant amount of personal accountability. GSB views its GLA partners as extensions of its own brand on which it can rely for its clients’ success.


GLA owns an NVOCC (Globetrans International) through which carrier contracts can be facilitated.

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