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International Trade Services

A Modern Approach. Over a Century of Experience.


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Compliance focused and up-to-date with a team of Licensed Customs Brokers. Partner with GSB to make your declarations to Customs and other regulatory agencies with peace of mind.


Cargo booking, bill of lading production, document generation, cargo pickup/delivery, ocean and air freight, letter of credit, EEI, regulatory compliance. We do it all. GSB is a one-stop-shop for exporters.


Through its network of partner firms around the globe, GSB can arrange and manage your freight with hands-on and personal care - from anywhere to anywhere. Door-to-door or any segment in-between.


Import compliance is a challenge for any company. GSB's proprietary software is the backbone of a comprehensive regulatory audit service. We scrutinize your trade data so you can focus on your business.


The domestic leg of your cargo's international transport is as important as any. Through its many decades of experience, GSB taps its deep network of trusted domestic trucking partners in all parts of the U.S.

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Since its founding in 1888, GSB has serviced international vessels on the Columbia River from Portland down to the mouth. Ship spares (clearance/pickup/delivery) and ship/crew processing with regulatory compliance and speed-of-service at the core.

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GSB works with only the most reputable companies to provide surety products to its clients. Affordable cargo insurance for exporters and importers and Customs Bonds for its brokerage clients.



For over 130 years, Geo. S. Bush (GSB) has been serving the international trade community from its home in Portland, Oregon and throughout its numerous decades, much has changed. For GSB, the one constant has been its adaptability and adoption of modern standards. In more recent years, GSB has recognized the importance of technology and made its development and application a core part of its ethos. We know that no two clients are alike and we pride ourselves in crafting unique solutions through dialogue supported by our rich background of regulatory and logistics expertise. From our Fortune 500 clients to the mom-and-pops importing once or twice a year, every client is deeply valued.

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GSB understands the critical nature of supply chain data to its clients in order to effectively manage the flow of cargo, control costs and plan. Imagin Trade Software Solutions Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Geo. S. Bush whose products are at the core of GSB’s and GSB’s clients’ collective success. Imagin offers both pre-packaged and fully customizable reporting solutions (i.e. in-transit reporting, cost analysis and landed cost) along with cargo tracking functionality, EDI integration and purchase order management. Our flexibility is our strength.


We employ full time developers to keep up with client needs and ensure that the structure behind-the-scenes is efficient and secure.


Let’s talk about how GSB can help.

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Geo S. Bush is proud to have been in business for over 130 years.  Founded in 1888 by Mr. Ben Lippincott, the company was issued CHB License Number 038 and was the first obtained by any firm west of the Mississippi.  Over the many decades, GSB has had offices in various cities around the United States but has remained anchored to the Pacific Northwest throughout.  All operations are now consolidated in Portland, Oregon where we laid our foundation generations ago.


Much is owed to our founders and predecessors for their vision and values. It is with humility and gratitude that current company leadership takes stewardship of this respected organization.  Part of our mission is to honor their legacy by ushering the Geo. S. Bush brand another 130 years into the future.


Also, of significant note, GSB is quite proud to have had a pioneering woman at the helm for nearly four decades in the first half of the 20th century.  Ms. Mary Muir was a force in the industry and is known to have been the first female licensed Customs Broker in the world!  She’s seen here in a photo published along with a feature article about her life in the February, 1924 edition of Sunset Magazine.




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Geo. S. Bush is proud to be a CTPAT partner – view our statement of support for the program here

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